Attack on party in Nagaland

The VPI has been rapidly growing in the North-East. Because there was more poverty and awareness. That is why the ruling BJP at the Centre was trembling from VPI. In order to facilitate the attack on the Sh. Vishwatma the BJP government firstly reduced the police security granted to him. Under a high level conspiracy, Sh. Vishwatma was arrested on March 13, 2020 in Dimapur district of Nagaland by directing police officers, while he was training party workers.

List of events of attack on VPI in Nagaland

Some facts and findings relating to arrest of Shri Vishwatma, for taking hefty bribes, extorsion in form of ransom, terror funding and conspiracy to assassinate him by registering a case with Suo motu cognizance by Nagaland police:

On the last day of 4-day training camp on March 13, Mr. Vishwatma was called by DCP Nayeem Mustafa, IPS to Dimapur police station saying that the police had to get some information about the campaign being carried out by the party. But there, Mr. Vishwatma was illegally arrested along with his volunteer bodyguards. The police took suo motu cognizance and registered a case against Shri Vishwatma. He was accused of luring people through his party and collecting money from them.

1. Conspiracy of arrest, ransom and murder of Mr. Vishwatma-

On March 2, 2021, an email was sent from the Delhi office of the VPI to the Union Home Ministry and the Director General of Police, Nagaland to arrange police protection for Sh. Vishwatma. It was through this email that Mr. Vishwatma's Nagaland tour program came to the notice of the police department. Instead of providing security; by misusing this information the high level officials of the state arrested Sh. Vishwatma and conspired to extort all party fund and his assassination of Mr. Vishwatma. The developments suggest that under the same conspiracy, the Dimapur district police and the Mon district police may have been entrusted with the responsibility of finding the complainant to lodge a complaint against Mr. Vishwatma. It was possible to find the complainant to arrest Mr. Vishwatma in these two districts, because the party's massive membership drive was going on only in these two districts.

2. Police rummoured Mr Vishwatma to be a billionaire -

In compliance with the said direction by unknown person (Investigation awaited), the Deputy Commissioner of Mon district was handed over some documents relating to membership of Voters Party International by an unknown person. On March 11, Mon's DC circulated a message to government officials across the state on WhatsApp and created an atmosphere of arrest of the Mr. Vishwatma by making it viral. "There was a rumour among the police officers and among the Naga militants that saint like Mr. Vishwatma is the head of a party and a billionaire man. This party has a lot of money. It was falsely propagated that this money has been collected from the people of Nagaland." The information was first conveyed to Mr. Vishwatma by the then DCP of Dimapur, IPS Nayeem Mustafa on March 14. When Mr. Vishwatma was arrested by him. The same was stated by one such prisoner who was arrested and lodged in Dimapur Central Jail on May 24. The prisoner had full information about the abduction of Mr. Vishwatma's two associates.

3. Several militant organizations been active in kidnapping of Shri Vishwatma -

The rumour inspired the militant outfits in Nagaland to kidnap Mr. Vishwatma and extort all the party's fund into ransom for terror funding. The prisoner who arrived at the jail also said that his team tried for four consecutive days from March 10 to 13 to kidnap Mr. Vishwatma. But he was surrounded by security guards, so he did not get a chance to kidnap him.

4. Under the conspiracy of hefty bribe and extortion the party fund the false charges were made of cheating by police-

The message broadcasted by the Deputy Commissioner of Mon Districts through WhatsApp, reached Mr. Vishwatma on the morning of March 11. In which it was sent a photo of the party's membership application and cash receipt stating that the party membership fee amount in the membership application form is written ₹150 but the on the cash receipt ₹350 is written . Two party workers were arrested by mon police on March 11 over the issue. The police accused them of cheating the public - taking ₹350 and promising ₹6,000 in returns.

5. The party clarified on its website -

When the party received the above said information, the explanation was uploaded on the party's website on March 12. It was reported that the receipts printed for year 2020-21 have been attached with the membership application forms by clerkial mistake printed for year 2019-2020. The party's membership fee had not been increased for many years hence it was to be increased from ₹150 to ₹350 on the demand of party workers for year 2020-21 and onwards.

6. Case registered and Sh. Vishwatma arrested for hefty bribe and extortion of all party fund-

Vishwatma alias Bharat Gandhi was not present in Mon district to get him arrested by the police, but was addressing cadre training in Dimapur district. The DC and SP of Mon district may have conveyed this information to the Police Commissioner of Dimapur district on the directions of a higher official(s) of the state. Referring to the WhatsApp message from DC of Mon district, it may have said that the party's membership papers have been found to be tampered with. If the party workers got more than the prescribed fee from someone, it was the fault of the same workers and they should have been booked. But it did not serve the purpose of extortion, ransom and murder of Mr. Vishwatma. For these purposes the arrest and/or kidnapping of Mr. Vishwatma was necessary. The prominent high-level and influential conspirator behind the conspiracy of hefty bribes, extortion, arrest and murder must have pointed out that it would be possible only by arresting the party's chief. It is not all possible by the arrest of party workers. That is why all the party workers were released.

7. Arrested workers of VPI were released-

The case was registered at East Dimapur police station against Mr. Vishwatma sue moto without any complainant as well as three of his other party workers. But the names of the three were later removed from the case. They were tortured in the police station and released from the police station in the night of March 15 as a government witness. Because the arrest of these men for taking hefty bribes, ransoms and terror funding was unnecessary., just as the arrested party workers on March 11 in Mon district were treated unnecessary arrest and consequently released.

  1. Police conspire against Mr. Vishwatma when no any complainant against him found -

Dimapur police must have received instructions from anywhere to find a complainant to arrest Mr. Vishwatma. But no complainant would have agreed to make a complaint for arrest of Mr. Vishwatma. Because Mr. Vishwatma has dedicated himself to social work since his age of 23. He is determined to oppose injustice. Mr. Vishwatma is a person who did not deliberately generate income for self. Who did not get married. Who did not create private property. Even he do not have a single bank account. He is not even the owner of ₹01. The charge sheet prepared by Dimapur police is a proof of these facts. Because Mr. Vishwatma was arrested on charges of cheating. Who would have been willing to complain against such a saint?

9. Illegal detention by police for 10 days just for hefty briebe and extortion -

When no complainant was found, the FIR in Mon district was registered with fake signatures. On the directions of a high level influential officer, Mr. Vishwatma was duped to the police station by DCP Nayeem Mustafa to negotiate and illegally stayed in the police station for 7 days. It may be recalled that Vishwatma was arrested on the last day of training because on the same night he was to board into the Rajdhani train and go to Kokrajhar for next training and a VIP meeting. He was not produced before the court for 1 week after being duped and was not summoned from the police. The papers fraudulently showed police remand of 7 and 3, that is, 10 days in total. In the meantime Mr. Vishwatma was bargained with. Even the Dimapur police commissioner who himself came to the police station to meet Mr. Vishwatma for the same purpose of bribes. When Mr. Vishwatma refused to pay the ransom, on the orders of the Police Commissioner, DCP Mustafa, police station in-charge Kanchan Khandelwal and investigating officer Amit Kumar (all three IPS) tried to get the ransom by torturing Mr. Vishwatma in the police station. But Mr. Vishwatma refused to pay the ransom, then he was sent to jail on March 23 by court. The very next day, a lockdown was imposed across the country. He was also remanded for a long time so that no one could reach the court to defend him in court due to lockdown. As a result, it may be possible to stay in jail for a long time. It seems that the person plotting the arrest of Mr. Vishwatma was so influential that he was also aware of decision of the future lockdown imposed by the Central Government .

10. Depth of conspiracy enhanced against Shri Vishwatma when lodged in jail -

A false FIR by mon police was registered against Mr. Vishwatma on March 21 with forged signatures of complainants. The objective was that if the release of Mr. Vishwatma from Dimapur jail is happens without extortion of party funds and his exit from Nagaland looks possible for any reason, he will be taken into transit remand and taken hostage in jail of Mon district. By transit the extortion and murder will be made possible in Mon. That is why Mr. Vishwatma was allegedly wanted to Mon police on March 21 but Mr. Vishwatma was not informed by Mon police in Dimapur jail till June 19. Mr. Vishwatma was informed on 20th June first timeafter the high court granted bail to Mr. Vishwatma and the counsel and bailees were due to appear before the Dimapur court on June 19 to seek his release. This is possible only when one person was monitoring and observing the incidents between the Police of Mon district and the Police of Dimapur. The man or officer was so powerful that the police commissioner of Dimapur and the deputy commissioner and SP of Mon district were forced to obey. The same person was also ensuring that the lawyers of Dimapur district should take a hefty sum of money in the name of fees from Mr. Vishwatma's associates but not perform their duty in the court. The same person was looking after Mr. Vishwatma's counsel from Delhi not to be able to do his job.

11. Elsewhere, there were strings of conspiracy against Mr. Vishwatma -

During the remand, investigating officer Amit Kumar, IPS and DCP Nayeem Mustafa had threatened Mr. Vishwatma to be killed by the Naga militants by committing mob lynching. But Mr. Vishwatma did not take it seriously. Because the threat was considered by Mr. Vishwatma as a part of the efforts of extortion and hefty bribe. But when the Kohima High Court granted bail to Mr. Vishwatma, immediately after the court order on the same day, investigating officer rushed to jail to meet Mr. Vishwatma. He demanded money at that time also. He said I have come to inquire about some of the last thing. He wanted to know whether Mr. Vishwatma had made a speech against the Citizenship Amendment Act at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi and in a rally of VPI in Assam? Mr. Vishwatma admitted. He asked the third question: "If you die, who is the second person after you to take over the party"? Mr. Vishwatma had then replied that he never thought of this question. On his way out of jail, he told Mr. Vishwatma that "you cannot go out alive from Nagaland. If the Nagas get angry, they will drag you from inside the jail and kill you". He said that only then will the Central Government get a chance to carry out military operations in Nagaland to eliminate the militants of Nagaland and Christian missionaries from all over the country. He had also smiled and said, "Gandhi ji, you have given up everything of your life for the society. Why not sacrifice yourself to merge the Nagaland in India completely"? Saying this he had gone out.

12. State BJP was connected with the conspiracy

Vishwatma was cheated when he was taken from Dimapur jail on transit remand to produce him before CGM court in Mon district. It was said by the I.O. that the police is taking only for 48 hours. Then there is the order to come back in Dimapur jail. But that was not done by I.O.. Mr. Vishwatma was forced to pass for a month and a half without his personal clothes in a jail of Mon district.

13. When Mr. Vishwatma was taken to the hospital in Mon district on the morning of June 21 for corona virus test, a man came there and introduced himself to the Mr. Vishwatma, calling himself the district president of the BJP. When Mr. Vishwatma asked how do you know me? Then he said in victrious pose that he knew everything. He also said that he is in touch with the District SP and DC.

14. The In charge of Mon police station also reached the district hospital to meet Mr. Vishwatma. He said I have registered the case against you. Because I got instructions from higher officers.

15. Former Congress MLA's suspicious behavior -

When Mr. Vishwatma was put in a jail in Mon district. The very next day, a man along with his alleged secretary came inside the jail to meet Mr. Vishwatma. He introduced himself as former MLA Jon Konyak. He demanded a hefty sum of money from Mr. Vishwatma and said that if you give this money, we will get the Mon district case over. He said that he will speak to the one who has complained to withdraw the complaint.

16. The police charge sheet could not prove cheating -

The police charge sheet could not prove cheating by the party or by Mr. Vishwatma. Nowhere in the charge sheet does it say that where did the Mr. Vishwatma allegedly parked the money he received by cheating? As per the Judgement of the Supreme Court, showing the route of money taken to prove the fraud case is the most important evidence.

The facts relating to unethical and illegal acts committed by jail authorities during the arrest of Mr. Vishwatma alias Bharat Gandhi are as follows:

1. On May 20, when the phones of Mr. Vishwatma's associates, Shri Shivakant Gorakhpur and Shri Naveen Kumar, were switched off, Mr. Vishwatma smelled to face some untoward incident. Based on this calculations, Mr. Vishwatma submitted an application to the jail administration and requested it to be referred to the CJM court. But the jail administration did not approach the court and cooperated with the kidnappers. Mr. Vishwatma later came to know that his apprehension was correct and his associates were kidnapped by Nagaland militants.

2. When a prisoner tried inside the jail to make a deal for ransom after the abduction of Mr. Vishwatma's associates, Shri Shivakant Gorakhpur and Shri Naveen Kumar, the jail authorities cooperated with him and became hostile against Mr. Vishwatma.

3. When former Congress MLA Jon Konyak called the jail's AIG Imtianxi Aao and asked him to speak to Mr. Vishwatma, AIG Ao forced Mr. Vishwatma to talk to Ex MLA even if Mr. Vishwatma did not wish. Thus helped the terrorists for terror funding. While the law does not allow the jail authorities to do so.

4. The jail authorities were aware of the abductors when Mr. Vishwatma's associates, who were victims of kidnapping. A jail official informed Mr. Vishwatma inside the jail that the kidnappers were demanding a ransom of Rs 153 crore. But the authorities did not inform the police about the abductors.

5. When Mon police inspector reached Dimapur jail with transit remand, the jail doctor was absent and the compounder gave a false report and wrote "Mr. Vishwatma is healthy to travel". While the compounder is not empowered to give a health report.

6. When Mr. Vishwatma refused to pay any money to the kidnappers in ransom. Then a jail official threatened Mr. Vishwatma inside the jail and demanded Rs 10 lakh.

7. Assistant Jailor Y in Mon. Chbasangle Chang deposited Mr. Vishwatma's money while entering into the jail but did not give the receipt. Later, on his way back from jail, he did not return the entire amount of Mr. Vishwatma. He said that his money was spent by his ward mate. Assistant jailer Y. Chbasangle Chang gave cow meat in the name of food. Vegetables were not given in the food. The assistant jailor did not give the opportunity to telephone for 2 days as per law in a week. Clean water was not given for drinking. The water in the open tank was forced to drink.

8. The judge forced him to stay in jail without clothes. Dimapur repeatedly rejected the request to send him back to jail where Mr. Vishwatma's clothes were left out.

The above facts conclude the following-

1. Vishwatma alias Bharat Gandhi was arrested as part of a pre-planned conspiracy involving such influential people who were required to be believed by officers like police commissioner, deputy commissioner of police of all districts of Nagaland.

2. The police was directed to send Mr. Vishwatma jail any how. Even if a complainant was not found the police took suo motu cognizance and was directed to register a shu moto case.

3. The high authorities of Nagaland were also directed by the influential conspirator to resort to criminal methods so that the Mr. Vishwatma could not get out of jail after being sent to jail.

4. Unless all the funds of Mr. Vishwatma's party were ready to give the police through bribes or through ransom to terrorists, he was constantly directed to be held hostage in new false cases from one jail to another.

5. In order to eliminate the political party run by Mr. Vishwatma, it was also directed that if the police could not get the fund from Mr. Vishwatma's party through bribe, then the police should ensure the abduction of Vishwatma by Nagaland militants as soon as he left the jail. At the same time, the police should ensure that after the assassination of Mr. Vishwatma, a person with the number two position in his party who has the ability to run his party should also be killed, so that no other person can revive the party. The conspiracy was hatched only to eliminate the party of Mr. Vishwatma, to extort the party's fund, to kill Mr. Vishwatma and to direct military operations against Nagaland militants and Christian missionaries across the country by weighing the killing of Mr. Vishwatma by Naga leaders in the media.

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