Party Policy

Solution of the problems of all citizens of the world,

will be done by all citizens of the world for global citizens

Share of BPL, APL, SC, ST, OBC and women in proportion to population

Voters Party International is the only party which is struggling to get wealth, national income, jobs in educational institutions as perv share of the population to BPL, APL, Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Backward Classes and Women in India.

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International rights to the people of the country

VPI is the only party working to bring back India's historical pride by granting the international and global rights of the people of our country by creating a Union of neibouring countries of India and by reorganizing the United Nations, UNO.

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prosperity of voters, not only politicians

VPI has observed that if the national income generated due to the hard work of machines, natural resources and the existence of laws becomes a law to distribute equally among all the voters, all APL and BPL voters in India will start getting ₹8000 every month (at the prices of 2020). This stake is called "votership".

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Employment and Income to All

VPI is working only to facilitate the remuneration to those who are working on social and political reforms like functionaries of the government sector.

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VPI is free from slavery of trillionaires

This is the only party that has come up with a unique way of running its expenses. Most of the other "politicians' parties" depend on the trillionaires for their expenses and therefore are operated by their remote control.

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VPI abstains from the evil of "divide and exploit"

VPI is the only party which does not want the strength of the voters to be broken into the block and trillionaires who are in the minority; should be given a chance to exploit and oppress the majority society. So, this is the only party which is motivating all parties to come together, form alliance on the written Constitution and contest elections jointly .

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VPI working to form a Union of all South Asian countries

The partition of India created a misconception that Hindu Muslims cannot live together. This misunderstanding snatched the India's historical pride from the people of this region. Due to this misunderstanding, the presence of Muslims in India started hurting to some people. It was this misunderstanding that repeatedly threw India into Hindu-Muslim riots, unleashed cross-border terrorism, Cold War between India and Pakistan, permanent financial crunch in middle class and poor community.

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