Political parties affiliated to VPI

It is also an important task of the VPI to act as a collective forum of political parties. So that the voters may be liberated from national and international exploitation and so that the international political and economic rights of voters may be provided. This provision is made in articles 21, 22 and 23 of of the Party Constitution (see the Constitution of the Party). The VPI wants to end corruption and economic exploitation of majority by dividing voters . So that parties may not be used by the trillionaires as tools for corruption and as tool of exploitation of majority and as a tool to increase social, economic and geographical disparities, as a tool of economic exploitation of the majority, as a tool of community hatred, as a tool of cultural attacks and as a tool of environmental damage. The VPI itself is a member of an international political forum to liberate voters from the exploitation and injustice committed by international organizations. The forum is called Global Agreement on Participation and Peace, GAPP.

The VPI also facilitates a common platform to many political parties registered with the Election Commission of India. Such parties are called Associated Teams of VPI and allied parties. VPI provides the following services to its Associated and Allied Parties:

1. Displaying the activities of the common forum on the website.

2. Managing democratic donations to protect parties from the dangers of anti-democratic donations.

3. Facilitate joint conferences, rallies, peaceful demonstrations and training camps of the parties.

4. Online maintenance of records of members and functionaries of parties.

5. To facilitate parties to collect donations online for their personal needs.

6. To facilitate the common forum of parties to collect grants and audit that grant.

7. Facilitate common planning to win elections.

8. Facilitate a common plan to unite and strengthen the power of supporters of different parties who are unorganized and divided into different castes, communities, religions, languages, political parties, regions and countries, but persecuted by the common problems.

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