Constitution of

Voters Party International

Features of Party's Unique Constitution

The main function of the party is to convert virtual democracy into a real democracy.

The party is primarily working to transform virtual democracy into a real democracy and is working to implement rule of democratic laws on the global entities not only at domestic government.. At the same time, the party is working to enter into an international treaty to amend the fundamental definitions of political science and economics that have become irrelevant.

Class management instead of class struggle-

The Constitution of Voters Party International has been framed keeping in view the nature of mankind. That is why the party's constitution can be better understood by people who are well aware of the interrelationship and mechanism of physiology between the human body and the cells of the human body. That is why the constitution of the party is more technical than other parties, which some people call difficult.

Employment in Social Management and Social Service-

Since Voters Party International believes that the work of party workers should be paid, The party has made a unique arrangement that when the party comes to power, in future, the laws will be enacted to pay the party workers from the government exchequer outstanding salaries with interest similar payments may also be made to those who give grants to the party .

Representation to critics-

The party has also recognized critics. Therefore, it also considers those who are not formally associated with the party as members. The party gives them 'zero' membership. The representative of 'Zero Members' is the highest official of the party, who is called the Policy Director of the party. Only this party has represented the critics.

Concerns of all countries of the world, including India:

There is an All India Committee in the party to worry about the country. But the party believes that the problems are the same in all countries all over the world. That is why the party's Constitution provides for different committees in the party to solve their problems. That is why the name of this party is "international".

Provision of party units at all levels to address problems ranging from family to global level:

There are a total of 19 levels in the party, which is not in any other party. The party will work to solve the categorized public problems. There is a provision of separate units in the party to solve those problems. Those problems are classified as follows:

  • Regional Problems
  • Pan India Problems
  • Homeland or Vatani Problems
  • Hemi National and National problems
  • Economic and cultural problems.

Reservation to representatives of various political ideologies:

  • Reservation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • Reservation for backward classes to those interested in development .
  • Reservation for those interested in enacting good governance.
  • Reservation for those interested in the civilization and culture of the past.
  • Reservation for those interested in building civilization and culture for present and future.
  • Reservation for Gentlemen

People of the following different levels of consciousness have been accommodated in the party:

  • To those who develop villages, to those who develop families and to those who develop each and every citizen.
  • To regional developers.
  • To pan India Developers.
  • To those who develop neighbouring countries along with own country.
  • To those who develop half of the earth's own side (semi-world)
  • To those who develop every country (global) all over the earth.
  • To humans all over the earth as well as to those who develop animals.
  • Quota to both capitalists and socialists-

The constitution of the party accommodates the following types of people at all levels:

  • To those who are popular among the public,
  • To those with the potential of industry and business who can make the most economic contribution to the party
  • To the studious people,
  • Such quota was not given in any party till now.

Coalition Rules-

Voters Party International will also form alliances with other parties but such an alliance will be based only on a written constitution. No opportunistic alliance will be formed. The basis on which the party will form alliances with other parties is all described in the Party Constitution.

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