Shri Vishwatma

(Founder & Policy Director )

Looking injured rights of the voters caused by the global market system created by the international treaty, namely General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade, GATT; the founder of the party requested hundreds of Members of Parliament to enact new laws and enter into new international treaties required to protect and enhance the economic, political and international rights of voters in present situation. But the party chiefs of their parties refused the prayer of the founder of VPI. Then Mr. Vishwatma founded this party. Shri Vishwatma was born in Mumbai in 1969. He is a popular motivational speaker. He is the founder of several organizations including this party and the Mission for Global Change, MGC. Due to hurt by the pain of unemployment of the people, Mr. Vishwatma gave up formal education at the early age of 23. He resolved not to create any income by taking away anyone's employment in life. He himself decided to remain unemployed and find a solution to unemployment. He neither created any source of income, nor get married, nor built his own house, property. Even today, he don't even have a single account in any bank. It was this one resolution that made him a philosopher of the 21st century. He is the author of several dozens of books on political reforms and scientific spiritualism. His philosophy is guiding not only many political parties of India but also guiding the governments. No other party in India has such a leadership who has been dedicated whole life to the service of global society, who has unbeleavable courage, sacrifice, knowledge and experience.

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