Notification for organizational Election 2024-2028

Voters Party International, VPI

Reg. Office- 385, Wazirabad Village, Delhi-110084

 Notice to all Members of VPI

Date of Issue: 08.11.2023

Schedule of Organizational Election 2024-2028

The Central Committee of the party has declared the schedule of organizational elections of the party, which is as under:

  1. Preparation of list of Primary Members from 08 to 20th November 2023.
  2. Level-wise dates of issuing notices to the electorate of units of various levels communicating the procedure, date, time, and venue of the election, counting of votes, and declaration of results are as under-
Sl. No. Level Code Level of Unit Notice for Election Date of Voting & Result
1 1A Booth 20-11-2023 05-12-2023
2 2A Village/Ward 07-12-2023 22-12-2023
3 3A Sector 24-12-2023 08-01-2024
4 4A Circle 10-01-2024 25-01-2024
5 5A Block 27-01-2024 11-02-2024
6 1C MLA Constituency 13-02-2024 28-02-2024
7 2C 1 Loksabha Constituency 01-03-2024 16-03-2024
8 3C Gaon sabha (2 Lok sabha area) Constituency 18-03-2024 02-04-2024
9 4C Pariwar sabha  (3 Lok sabha area)  Constituency 04-04-2024 19-04-2024
10 5C Jan sabha (4 Lok sabha area) Constituency 21-04-2024 06-05-2024
11 1G State 08-05-2024 23-05-2024
12 2G Country 25-05-2024 09-06-2024
13 3G Homeland Affairs 11-06-2024 26-06-2024
14 4G Hemi-national Affairs 28-06-2024 13-07-2024
15 5G National Affairs 15-07-2024 30-07-2024
16 1M District 01-08-2024 16-08-2024
17 2M Regional 18-08-2024 02-09-2024
18 1Z Central 04-09-2024 19-09-2024
19 2Z Policy Director 21-09-2024 06-10-2024
20 Date of Oath of Newly Elected Office Bearers 08.10.2024
    Reporting to Election commission-20 October 2024
  1. The notices will be issued by paper mail at least 15 days from the date of election of the respective level as indicated in the above table.
  2. The election of the President and other office bearers of the executive committee, the election of two delegates for the upper-level unit and the election of one delegate for the respective horizontal unit will be conducted on the same day and all the results of the election of the respective unit will also be declared on the same day. The result of the election will be communicated to the election officers of just the upper-level unit and of the respective horizontal unit on the same day.
  3. If the unanimous election is not observed as possible by the election officer of the respective unit, then the proceedings of the election will be initiated by the election officer. Candidates will be elected by the electorate by submitting a slip of the name of his/her favored candidate in a box. The candidate will be declared elected who will get more than 50% votes amongst the electorate who participated in the voting. If all candidates fail to achieve a level of support of 50% votes, after the counting of votes, the election will be conducted again amongst only two top gainers of votes.
  4. The Central Committee will appoint a central election officer. The central election officer will appoint one election officer for each state where the units of the party are already working. The appointment of election officers for the units will be done by the election officer of just upper-level units.
  5. Election results will be sent to the central committee via email vide ID:, or by paper mail handed over to the secretary of just upper-level committee with proper receipt of the same copy.
  6. Click here to see or download a scanned copy of this notification.

 Issued by

Shivakant Gorakhpuri


Central Committee

Voters Party International, VPI

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