The Delhi declaration of 2nd May, 2023

to Form and Alliance for Opposition Unity

The below mentioned declaration in form of the resolutions was passed at a meeting held under the banner of Lok Rajniti Manch on 2 May 2023 at Anuvrat Bhawan, New Delhi to discuss the strategy of unity of opposition.

It is declared that-

1. I Agree with the conclusion that due to the Bharatiya Janata Party, there is a serious threat to the Constitution of the country, democracy, farmers, youth, unemployed, Dalit, backward and minority communities of India. Therefore, removing the BJP from power is my priority.

2. I agree with the strategy that the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha election should be between the BJP versus the entire opposition. That is, in all the Lok Sabha constituencies of the country, only one candidate of the entire opposition should contest in front of the BJP/NDA candidate.

3. I, agree with the conclusion that the cooperation of organisations and individuals is necessary to remove the BJP from power suffering from BJP rule across the country. This goal can be achieved only when the leader of the opposition is elected through a democratic process.

4. The election of the leader of the opposition through a democratic process is possible only when an alliance of all opposition parties and organizations is formed. To make the alliance sustainable, durable, transparent the democracy should be ensured in the decision making process of the alliance. This is possible only when this alliance works on a written constitution, written rules and written code of conduct.

5. I agree with the assessment that coalitions should work on a written constitution-

5.1 To make it possible to settle disputes arising from time to time in the components of the alliance,

5.2 So that there is an alliance not only between the big leaders at the upper level, but the alliance of workers also of various components could become possible at the state level, division level, district level and block level.

5.3 In the case of an attack on the elected leader of the Opposition, it may become possible to immediately produce a new Leader of the Opposition,

5.4 The coalition government formed in 2024 should be sustainable and durable.

6. I agree with the strategy that intellectuals, social workers, farmer leaders, trade union leaders, journalists, social organizations and political parties from all over the country should be given an opportunity to join and cooperate in the process of formation of the coalition.

7. By signing this declaration today, from May 2, 2023, I declare to discharge my responsibilities as a member of the Constituent Assembly of the proposed coalition for the unity of the opposition against BJP ant its ally.

8. I agree that we should wait till the people of the entire country join the coalition to form the working committee of the alliance.

9. I agree with this strategy that the constitution of the coalition should be drafted and prepared after the joining of at least 51 members of the Constituent Assembly. At least 3 member committee i.e. 5% of the number of members of the Constituent Assembly, should be formed to do the work of making the constitution of the coalition.

10. I agree with the suggestion that the Constituent Assembly will create an online form for granting membership to the Constituent Assembly so that representation of most regions and most sections of the society of the country is made as soon as possible. The undersigned, using their ties, will encourage adequate persons to fill this online form and join the Constituent Assembly.

11. I also agree that the rights by a two-thirds majority to grant or not to grant membership of the Constituent Assembly of the alliance to any person should be given to the members of the Constituent Assembly of the alliance collectively.

12. The initial 51 members of the constituent assembly shall collectively have the following rights by a two-thirds majority:

12.1 Power to form a drafting committee of minimum 3 members to draft the constitution of the coalition;

12.2 Power to form a 5-member committee of the political delegation of the coalition to contact all the anti bjp current chief ministers and former chief ministers of the state and the presidents of state level and all india level political parties;

12.3 Power to form a 5-member committee of the economic delegation of the coalition to contact industrialists and traders the aggrieved from the bjp government;

12.4 Power to form a 5-member committee of the media delegation of the coalition to contact the journalists and heads of media institutions who are still working in a balanced manner.

12.5 Power to determine the jurisdiction of the constituent assembly of the coalition, the objectives of the constituent assembly and the power to prepare the working list and working method of the constituent assembly.

12.6 Power to amend the instant 16 point resolutions passed and signed on dated 2nd May 2023 by the participants of the meeting held at 3 to 6 pm in Anubrat Bhawan, New Delhi.

12.7 Power to finalize the name of the alliance and the title of its unit -"Constituent Assembly".

13. I approve the proposal that two political parties – Voters Party International and Socialist Party (India) – be recognized as institutional members of this coalition due to their voluntary acceptance at the very beginning of the alliance.

14. I agree that Shri Sandeep Pandey, General Secretary of the Socialist Party, be authorised to convene the next meeting of the Constituent Assembly whenever needed.

15. I agree that in order to avoid corporate hijacking, the funds for working of the coalition should be managed as much as possible by the members of the Constituent Assembly of the Coalition and by the grants of general public.

16. While agreeing with the time-bound schedule of the alliance, I agree that by May, at least 51 members should be added to the Constituent Assembly of the alliance and the constitution of the alliance should be prepared. In the month of June, all the Chief Ministers and former Chief Ministers of the country should be met to decide which prominent leaders are in favor of running the coalition through democratic process and who are not. This list should be published in the first week of July. In August and September, state committees of the alliance, mandal committees, Lok Sabha committees, district committees, MLA area committees and block committees should be constituted online. In these two months, training camps should be organized to train all the office-bearers recruited in the said committees of the alliance. In October and November, public meetings in all state capitals across the country should be organized to show the strength of the alliance and the list of contesting candidates for all Lok Sabha constituencies should be prepared. In January and February, booth committees should be formed in all the states of the country as far as possible through the assembly committees of the alliance.

17. I agree that membership of the Constituent Assembly of the alliance should be given only to those who work sincerely to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2024, and who want to see such an upcoming union government in 2024:

17.1 Which fully abides by the Constitution of India and allows constitutional institutions to function in free and fair manner with complete autonomy;

17.2 Which work in accordance with the principles of socialism, humanism, secularism, non-violence and rule of law.

17.3. Which work to form a union of South Asian countries, like the European Union, so that cooperation and solidarity can be possible among South Asian countries instead of hatred and war.

17.4 Which redistribute wealth through measures such as Votership Rights approved by a parliamentary committee in 2011. So that the income gap between the richest and poorest people in the country does not exceed more than 10 times.

17.5. Which remove EVMs and conduct elections with ballot papers to restore faith of opposition voters in democracy.

17.6 Which is committed to protect the land of the farmers from being grabbed by some billionaires looking ambushed and is committed to guarantee MSP to the farmers by enacting a law.

17.7. Which give participation in opportunity, power and property in proportion to the population to economically weaker sections (those with an annual income of less than one lakh rupees), scheduled castes, tribes, backward classes, women, minorities, transgender and disabled sections of the society and eliminate all forms of social and economic discrimination committed on the basis of birth.

17.8. Which end the problem of unemployment by increasing the level income of the public sector, specially in the sector of agriculture and manufacturing.

17.9 Which works to create a world government to solve the world level problems of the domestic citizens of the country and to bring the international treaties to amend the Charter of the United Nations. So that it is possible to eliminate all types of weapons, including nuclear weapons, from the whole world, so that the country's money can be prevented from draining abroad in the declining competition of increasing the military budget. The saved money can be engaged in the work of increasing the prosperity of the people of the country.

17.10 Which implements equal education and medical system to all citizens

The participants of the meeting who approved the resolution moved by Sh. Vishwatma and joined as the Member of Constitution Assembly of the Alliance. (See the signed sheet)

1. Shri Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Prize winner and Secretary General Socialist Party (India)

2. Shri Vishwatma, The Founder and Policy Director-Voters Party international, New Delhi

3. Shri Comrade Prabhat Roy, IFS, and columnist

4. Shri Shyam Gambhir Socialist Party (India) Delhi

5. Shri Gagan Gupta, designing consultant Gurgaon. Secretary Global Affairs Committee, Voters Party international

6. Smt. Manjoo Surendra Mohan General Secretary Socialist Party (India)

7. Shri Shivakant Gorakhpuri Secretary General Voters Party International

8. Shri Syed Tahseen Ahmad, State president Delhi, Socialist Party (India) Delhi

9. Shri Satya Prakash Bharat, social activist Delhi

10. Shri Ram Avatar Bansal, member Central executive committee Voters Party International

11. Shri Sadesh Ali Masih, State president Uttar Pradesh Voters Party international

12. Shri Vijay Pal Singh Advocate High court Delhi,

13. Shri Nandram Bagdi, Senior Dalit activist of Delhi

14. Shri Om Prakash Dwivedi Social Activist Kanpur

15. Shri Harendra Suryavanshi, Member Central executive committee Voters Party International

16. Advocate Ram Niwas Yadav, Etah

17. Sh. Vinod Kumar yadav, Social Activist Bagpah

18. Sh. Avdhesh Singh , Pracharak- Voters Party International


Some participants opined that they will approve the resolution after thorough study.

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