Constituent Assembly of the Alliance for Opposition Unity

The 2024 parliamentary elections are now only a few months away. Big anti-Modi faces are performing the ritual of opposition to Modi. They are speaking under the grave fear on anti peoples acts of Modi. These politicians are not able to form an organized and systematic alliance due to their personal interests. They are going to repeat the same mistake that the power-hungry leaders made in 1977 after the Jai Prakash movement. Therefore, the below signatory apeallant and some of you, who are called anonymous, would no longer want to watch these elections as silent spectators. We must be an interventionist in the upcoming elections. In 2024, such a government should come in the country, which will work on the demand of the public of India of the country.

Why couldn’t the BJP defeat from the traditional alliance?

The presidents of some parties meets and announce the formation of an alliance. This has been the tradition of forming alliances usually. But no such alliance can remove the BJP from power at the Centre. The alliances formed in this way do not have the intention of the party presidents to build the nation. The intention of the presidents of parties is self-protection and self-promotion. Therefore, often the politicians who form such alliances do not tell the public before the election that who will become the Prime Minister and Chief Minister after the election? In response to this question, they say that “will be seen after the election”. Presidents of all parties work during elections in the same greed of becoming Prime Minister and Chief Minister, just as the donkey keeps moving forward carrying heavy weight in the greed of carrots. The general public understands that “the presidents of the parties are contesting elections just for their own greed and will loot the country after winning the elections”.

Due to this thinking, an alliance is formed amongst the presidents of the parties, but the alliance amongst the supporters of the parties is not formed. In such a situation, supporters vote on the voice of their conscience and on the basis of morality. Since the BJP has tremendous media power. Therefore, the BJP itself will work to create a sense of morality among the supporters of opposition parties. The BJP will vigorously publicise the selfish intention of party presidents working against the BJP through its tremendous media power. This often leads to the general public believing that “all thieves have gathered”. That is, now it is the duty of the public to fight against the gang of thieves themselves, not leave the BJP alone to fight the thieves. When there is this vision in the public, how will the BJP fall from the chair of the power due to the shock of the opposition alliance?

Think the opposite. If the presidents of all the parties working against the BJP declare the president of one party as the prime minister’s face before the election. Then the situation will become even more frightening. Then the BJP will attack the same one person with the overwhelming power of its media and destroy its image in the same way that it destroyed the image of Rahul Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi. Yes, if the entire opposition contests the election by putting the face of an unknown person in front of it, then the BJP’s weapons can be meaningless. But the opposition will never do that, because saints do not go into politics. Generally, selfish and ambitious people go into politics. The conclusion is that a traditional alliance cannot remove the BJP from power at the Centre.

What will be the way to remove Modi from power?

It is our assumption that the BJP is a cadre-based party endowed with economic resources. Internal democracy is not working in this party also, but it looks to be running. Therefore, the BJP cannot be removed from traditional alliances. Even if the BJP is voted out of power in 2024, the new coalition government of opposition will be able to complete its five-year term – it is definitely difficult, if not impossible. It is important to warn people of the country with the dangers of Modi if comes back in power in 2024. But that alone is not enough. Ideally, the cadre based party should be confronted by a cadre based party; not by an alliance and charismatic leadership should be confronted by a charismatic leadership, not by an ordinary and conventional leadership. Until all anti-BJP parties understand that they should become one party, an alliance should be formed to counter the BJP. But this alliance should be formed not only by the party presidents, but also by the lower cadres of all the parties. That is why, the nature of this alliance should be between the nature of organization of a party and an alliance. That is, it should be a matter between the party and the alliance and the purpose of this alliance should be different from the traditional alliances. It is the job of the intellectually top people to create an efficient coalition constitution and resolve the contradictions of the opposition. These people can prove their worth in forming an anti-BJP government by making an efficient constitution. Civil societies and social movements should also get a chance to join this alliance.

Phase wise formation of alliance

In the first phase, prominent people of small and medium social organizations and civil societies and of political parties should come together on one platform. In the second phase, work should be done to unite the heads of all anti-BJP parties across the country as much as possible. In the third phase, all the needful act should be done to form one party combining all anti BJP parties. There have been many platforms in the past to remove the BJP from power. All these forums should pass a resolution to work on the written constitution. So that the ego of the leaders does not come in the way of working together. All organisations and platforms that have passed the resolution should form a new platform or alliance or front to show solidarity. All member organizations should select and send a permanent representative to this new front. The nature of this front should be federal. This forum/alliance/front should work on the basis of a written constitution rather than working on the discretion of the steering committee composed only by Supremos. So that the alliance is not driven and blackmailed by the corporate-run media and by any of its puppet faces. The coalition should be governed by its constitutional provisions, rules, ideals and leadership and its working committee produced from its constitutional process and should be regulated by and its legislative body. It may seem a long way, but it is better to take a shorter route than to fail again and again. 

Formation of Constituent Assembly / Peoples Parliament to frame constitution of coalition

In this alliance, along with the heads of political parties, heads of social organizations working away from party politics, intellectuals, industrialists, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, farmer leaders and labor leaders of the country should also be given place. All of them should also be given the right to influence the decision-making process of the alliance. Before formally forming the Working Committee of the Alliance and naming the Alliance, the Constituent Assembly should be formed to make the constitution of this alliance. Why do we need a written constitution? To answer this question, the objectives of making the constitution should be determined before the coalition constitution is made. A draft of the Constitution has already been prepared by Shri Vishwatma and his learned colleagues. We can take advantage of useful provisions from that. In the first phase, representatives of social organizations should be included in this Constituent Assembly. In the second phase, heads of all political parties, including the Congress, should be included as much as possible. The Constituent Assembly, through its collective wisdom, should create such an attraction among the anti-BJP political parties, so that all parties prefer to play their role as desired by the Constitution of this alliance. After the constitution of the coalition is made, the name should be changed to something like the People’s Parliament. The People’s Parliament should include all those who do not win elections due to not being able to manage crores of rupees, but are best suited to form MLAs or MPs. This “Selected People’s Parliament” based on selection continued to do the work of guiding policy to the Parliament based on elections. For this, it is necessary that the members of the Constituent Assembly of the coalition should be included. The Rights and Duties of the members of the People’s Parliament should be duly defined.

How can you join the alliance of opposition unity?

If you agree with the resolutions/Delhi declaration passed on dated 2nd May, 2023 by some socio political activists and if you are agree with above said strategy of the coalition based on the written constitution, then you are appealed to join the Constituent Assembly of the alliance and contribute in carrying out the day-to-day operations of the proposed coalition. To join as a member of constituent assembly of the alliance . Kindly fill the application form given below and submit it please.

Your suggestions are welcomed.

Appealed By:

6. Adv. Mehmood Pracha, Senior advocate Supreme Court and well known activist of justice for Dalit and Minorities

5. Manjoo Surendra Mohan, Veteran Socialist leader and activist for Women empowerment

4. Shyam Gambheer, Veteran Socialist leader

3. Shri Comrade Prabhat Roy, columnist

2. Shri Vishwatma, The Founder and Policy Director-Voters Party international, New Delhi

1. Shri Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Prize winner and Secretary General Socialist Party (India)

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